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Logo pack


Get your new and unique company logo. You get as many revisions as you like until we nail the design. You are welcome to all my sketches and development work to share as a part of your story.

Branding pack


Keep consistency in all your materials moving forward! This pack consists of a unique logo and a brand document that encompasses brand vision, logo breakdown, typography, colors and photography/illustration style. 

Fenrir pack

(Price to be discussed)

Some projects require different elements, so this pack can be tailored to your exact needs. If you break down the elements you're after, I will tell you the possibilities of my skillset and price the project accordingly.



Fenrir is the giant wolf in the Norse mythology. At birth, he was foretold to accomplish great things. Due to his rapid growth in size and knowledge, the other gods tried to bind him. But even their strongest chains and greatest deceptions could not hold Fenrir back to fulfill his destiny to defeat the greatest of them all: the supreme god Odin.


My curiosity for mythology has led to the point of merging  it with my passion for design. Just like the wolf, I will never stop growing, learning and taking on new challenges.



Thank you! I'll be in touch soon.